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Tom Miller Sports and Classics

"Tom specializes in buying, selling and consignment of sports and classic cars"

"Tom has been fascinated with cars since his early teens and owned 3 Mustangs while still in High School. He recently merged his printing business with a larger firm to pursue his passion for cars, international travel, and surfing. Tom has a partner in Austria, and can market your car in Europe. Tom is a member of the VSCCA, 356 Registry, and PCA."


Here is a sample of the vintage sports cars that have been in my collection.

I am actively looking to acquire automobiles such as early Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati or other European Sports models


Please contact me at: Tom Miller, Tom Miller Sports and Classics

Cell 908-693-5723. e-mail: tom@millersportscars.com

"Tom's current project is the first race car Gerry Mong built in 1958 (above right at Mt Washington), predating the "Bobsy" race cars. Based on a 550 Spyder mid engine layout, the Mong Porsche Spyder is a steel tube chassis sports racer, with an alloy body. It raced through out the 60's with a 1500cc Carrera 4 cam motor."

more info a Bobsy race car - www.bobsyRegistry.com

More on The Mong - http://sportsracernet.smugmug.com/gallery/4832882_jdz4u

Mong Porsche Spyder Racing in 1962 at the Milwaukee Mile

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