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1959 LOTUS 7 Series 1 - Chassis No. 791

"Wachs Porsche special"

available for sale for the first time in 40 years.

1982 Porsche 928

1955 356 Continental Coupe

1954 Swallow Doretti

2015 "Winter Special"
Morgan & 1923 Amilcar CG for sale

Caterham SP/300R

2005 Mercedes CL65 AMG


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1955 Austin Healey BN1 (100-4)
Please cancel the ad for my Healey. It went yesterday to (a) VSCCA prospective member (The) Ad was very successful.


I sold the 100S head ("check's in the mail"). The great news is that a check for $500 is also coming, made out to the Fitch fund. The ad really worked. Things were quiet but then the word got out and the last couple weeks the interest was very high.  Dick

Ed, Thanks so much for this service. I sold the Formcar to a fellow VSCCA member and we will be looking forward to seeing it on the grid at Pittsburgh.

Thor Larsen  

Sold - Hi Eddie,

That was FAST (24 hours). I have a "check's in the mail" deal so you can remove the ad,

Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite (named "Rosebud")

1949 MG TC seeks new home


Hi Ed - Happy New year to you!!!! You can remove the ad for the TC from the website. I sold it today to another VSCCA member who will keep it in the club and keep using it (snip) This was the only site I used to advertise the car. It certainly worked to perfection. Thanks much and see you soon (the winter meetings will be upon us before we know it). Cheers - John

1935 Bentley Special

(at one week - ed)

Hi Ed,
I sold the Bentley Special this afternoon to a VSCCA member, so the car will remain in the club.   Please remove the Bentley ad from the VSCCA website.
I had a call from a Peterson Automobile Museum person in California about the car. He had seen the ad on the VSCCA website.   Great coverage!
Thanks and regards,
Ed Sutherland

1959 Elva Formula Junior

Please remove the Elva from the for cars for sale.
XXX(a VSCCA Member) is now the new owner.
(seen on gullwingsearch.com, called within two days-ed)
Bob Romanansky



Do you want to run in Pre-War?

Do you want a reliable car?

do you want a fun car?

For Sale: Prewar Dreyer Sprint

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